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Lilliput Touchscreen 7" VGA Monitor

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  • Lilliput Touchscreen 7" VGA Monitor

    Hey guys, I just bought a secondhand carputer, and I don't know if the screen works because I am missing an AC adapter to power it up. Can anyone tell me how I could test my monitor to check if it works? My carputer isn't running as of right now but I do have a PC computer.

    Edit: I am also missing the touchscreen usb wire, I misplaced it over the years lol.

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    Alright guys, so I did more research and bought a AC adapter for it 12volts, 1.5A center positive but it won't work. I think I might have fried the AC adapter port when I was testing for the power a few years ago lol. (Sorry newb mistake, I jumped the gun) how do I fix my mistakes without having to buy another monitor?

    Just checked, I believe my unit might be the Lilliput 619 and I checked the fuse, it doesn't seem blown. I put the multimeter on it, and I get -13.64 volts and 13.64 volts. (The 1A fuse near the barrel jack) Although on the other side where the barrel jack is soldered, the two grounds work, and one positive works. What is the other solder point? That doesn't seem to do anything.

    I tested the ribbon with the 4 pins that connects to the LCD, and it's getting -12 volts. And the backlight wire as well.


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      Anybody have any feedback? This is really frustrating.

      Update: I managed to accidently rip off the connector thing that holds the thick white ribbon into the LCD, so I used that toothpick trick to hold it together. Anyone here have any feedback, this is frustrating as hell lol.