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Is Xenarc bright enough?!?

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  • Is Xenarc bright enough?!?

    I just read this site.. Is this correct or a scam??

    I'm thinking about getting the 700V which I heard is an AWESOME lcd because of it's high resolution (2400 x 480 as opposed to 960 x 240)..

    Thoughts? Is it worth $239?? Is it worth $200 more ($409) to get the VGA model? (700y)


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    The Xenarc screens are very good as the resolution is way up compared to other 7inch screens out there.

    Not sure about the ultrabright option as it depends on what they
    do. If they are just replacing the backlight with a brighter one then yes it will be brighter but you need to have an increased contrast range or otherwise the picture will just look washed out.

    The other thing is that the prices you quoted are for the std version not the ultrabright one yet you linked to the ultrabright page? I presume you know that the ultrabright option is an additional $195 on top of those prices?
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      Originally posted by NJay
      I presume you know that the ultrabright option is an additional $195 on top of those prices?
      Yes, unfortunately.. What I was really asking was just that -- is it worth it to get it w/out the ultrabright upgrade?

      Or would it be better to get a cheapo LCD and get the ultrabright upgrade?

      I don't want to spend $400+ on an LCD..


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        I think 195$ for a brightness enhancement is quit to much !
        All what what they are doing is to install onther CFL Backlight and putting some enhancement films between the backlight unit and the TFT panel. And maybe they another CFL Backlight Inverter.

        And for that option itīs to much. (Costs for those goodies: CFL Tube approx. 10$, Brightness enhancement Film approx 6$, Inverter approx 9$) Even with handling for the installing of the components itīs a nice margin. And mostly, the promised brightness is never reached. Itīs a theoratical value which depends on several things, like distance between measuring sensor and panel, selected color for measuring (mostly white), and so on.

        In Fact if you get an upgrade with additional +150 to 170 cd/m2 you could be lucky. And you have to tune a little bit in the settings like contrast and so on. By the way, if they are handling with the enhancement films, theyīre reducing the viewing angle (Because those films are polarizing the light waves)

        So when their statement is:"...We require an additional 2-3 days for performing this upgrade ..." they donīt have the components in stock. Because enhancement handlig time is approx 20 minutes, if you make it good and clean.

        But you have to consider it by yourself.



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          I think I will just NOT get the ultrabright upgrade and then if I find I need it, attempt it myself... :-)


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            Just by the way...

            most of the enhancement films could by bought by 3M or itīs distributors....