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Help with horizontal lines on screen

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  • Help with horizontal lines on screen

    All of a sudden I'm having an issue with my monitor. It worked great, but now only when the engine is running I get horizontal lines that move up and down the background of my screen. As soon as the engine shuts off, no bars anymore. I think it might be alternator noise, but it just happened all of a sudden, Is there anything I can do to check or fix the problem? Thanks!

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    Just the normal things.

    Move the power wires in case they are getting noise from something.

    Re-check the ground and try moving it.

    Add an inline filter to the power line.
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      Is there anything I can ground to help it out? Like maybe the computer case or anything, or is it probably just a line thing?


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        it is definitely a power/noise issue.

        like hailrazer said, check those things... because it is a issue specifically with the display, i would only work with the power, and other connections for the monitor.
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