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Lilliput 8": please help ID burned components

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  • Lilliput 8": please help ID burned components

    Hi everyone listening!

    I have been "fixing" my 8" Lilliput for use in a UAV project. (wireless video transmission from an Un-manned Aerial Vehicle using the Lilliput screen as video monitor).
    The touch screen is used for target acquisition and camera tracking.
    Before fixing I had the same problem reported by many others, namely badly soldered cables, and broken DIN connector.
    After re-soldering the iffy Lilly cabels everything seemed to work fine until suddenly there were smoke coming out from the ventilation slots in the back. Maybe I have shorted something in the cable, I don't know, but now the main problem is a BLACK screen. (There is light in the buttons when turning ON, but no picture).

    Now I need help identifying some of the burned components. They are marked with yellow inside the red boxes in the supplied picture. One is a resistor, but the color coding is un-readable. The other looks like a transistor or voltage regulator. This is sitting next to a similar marked "DF00"

    To me it looks like they belong to the HI-voltage power supply for the LCD back-lighting.
    I need to replace these components or buy a new PCB.
    I haven't researched the possibility to have the monitor factory overhauled, but I suspect the shipping costs will make that option out of the question?

    If you have a defect parts monitor to sell, please let me know!

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Kind regards
    Marc in Norway