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669 or EBY701 if both

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  • 669 or EBY701 if both

    I'm trying to decide between a transflective version of both the 669 and the EBY701 lilliputs. I know the 669 is a little over half the brightness of the 701 - is it a pretty big difference? Would it matter as much with transflective versions of each?
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    I just got the 701 and i love it..
    i didn't get the 669 because i didn't need HDMI..

    if you don't need HDMI , go the 701 then.


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      i love having different connection options, so i vote for the 669..(don't have it, but it would be nice)

      one thing to keep in mind with all touch screen monitors is that the touch screen overlay is what adds the most amount of glare to the screen-- if you are going to pony up the money for a transflective, go all out, and make sure that it the touch overlay is optically bonded to the screen as well(a common thing that is skipped to reduce the price point, and the reason the transflective in the mp3car store costs so much.)
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