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    Well, while talking to a friend I got the fever for an in-car computer. I was looking for a good in-dash LCD screen then saw the post on speech recogniztion. Figured out it wasn't great so I'm back looking for a good LCD.

    I have a 2003 Jetta GL. I'm looking for info on what type of in-dash LCD I should get. I definately want it to be motorized and in color. Touch screen would be nice, but probably can't afford it. I'm not quite sure which type of connection I'll need to make it work with a computer though. If you have any information that could help me please reply.

    Also, if you have or know of a site with like step-by-step instructions/progress of someone doing this, I would greatly appreciate the URL. I'm sure this isn't likely because every site I've found is just pictures of it, mainly just showing it off.

    As for the computer part, I already have a PIII-600Mhz that I'll probably build a custom case for and use it. That won't be a problem, but just any info on the display/input portion of the installation would be great. Thanks.

    Tristan "Bucky"

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    This is a good starting point. When you are done there go here-- and if that does not help you then start a new thread.
    What im curently listening to.
    My complete carpc setup


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      Wow who would of thought...

      Ok enough sarcasim... Anyway after about the 10th time on searching google, which I had done prior to this post, I found a great website. It's actually all the projects from these forums and I don't why this isn't at the top of every forum topic because it's great.



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        One in dash that a lot of people like can be bought from Its a 7" in dash. Although it is not motorized by a motor. digitalww is also a member here.
        This one even has an option of buying touchscreen.

        It has rca inputs, but is very good quality. A search will find you pictures people have posted.

        Thats a good start for u!