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Need a lcd with s-video or rca video input!!! Need to send signal from my laptop!!!

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  • Need a lcd with s-video or rca video input!!! Need to send signal from my laptop!!!

    Please help...

    Hi, I have a question for you guys....

    I have a dell inspiron laptop which has s-video output. I want to send that signal to a small (6" - 8") LCD in my dash while my laptop stays in the trunk or back seat. I have a wireless mouse and keyboard, but have to figure out which lcd screen has either s-video or basic rca video inputs????

    Please help if you know any cheap 6"- 8" LCD which has video capabilities that has a svideo or rca video input. I need just the lcd without any molding or enclosure. Thanks!!!!!!

    If anyone has one for sale, please e-mail me at [email protected]

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    If you are looking to buy used there is a fs/ft forum
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      I was able to buy 2 LCD displays with 2 RCA inputs each off eBay for under $179 (total, for both). You can usually find the non-VGAs being blown out for next to nothing. It's really only good for games (like a Game Cube, PS2, or similar), but you can get by with them until you want to spend the money on a decent VGA solution. I haven't seen many LCD displays with S-Video inputs, but if you find any I'd like to know. Composite (RCA) input pretty much stinks due to all the color bleeding and lack of definition.

      I can send you some pics of the setup if you need it. Also, check to see if the displays you buy come with mounting brackets so you can attach to your headrests instead of cutting into your seat.


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        you dell surely has a VGA out too. use that.