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Converting a Digital Picture Frame into a secondary Monitor?

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  • Converting a Digital Picture Frame into a secondary Monitor?

    Has anyone done this before? I have one that rarely gets turned on, it has a 10" screen, seems like it would work well. I pulled it apart to see if there was anything obvious, the screen is this one CPT 10.4" TFT-LCD 30 pin connection. I'm pretty new to all this, but I feel like I can do some basic stuff. Maybe if an adapter exists that would convert the monitor out on my laptop to the 30 pin. Or does there need to be something in between the two?

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    anyone know if there is a way to splice a VGA inpuy in between the card reader and the video card? I've pulled it apart, but I really dont know what I'm looking at.


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      You need an LCD controller to use that panel with a computer. The a/d board in the digital picture frame only supports video, not VGA signals.
      If you are sure that the LCD you have is a CPT CLAA104XA01CW, then I can program a controller kit for you.


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        Or jpgs (etc) via the stick/card slot if fast enough....