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Computer screen turned white?

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  • Computer screen turned white?

    Hi everybody. I was recently sitting in my car with the screen and PC running off of my battery, the car was not on. When I went to flip the key the screen flickered and turned white then the picture never came back. Anyways I went to bed and when I woke up I checked it and the screen was working again.

    Was this a result of the screen not being able to take the engine cranking?

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    most likely you ran below good voltage levels and sitting overnight brought battery up to base level again enough to start car and charging. monitor now has regular voltage again. SNO


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      When I start my car it sounds fine. Its not like its not cranking over right when I flick the key. I have a OBD wire in my car, I'm pretty sure there is way to test how many volts my battery is putting out.

      I have been using my battery more though. I usually stay parked with the car on but that wastes gas so I've been using my battery lately. Maybe its draining faster than I thought, my sub and amp turn off when I click the key into ACC and only the PC and screen remain on. Maybe its time to upgrade the battery lol.


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        I had a lilliput that would do this. I ended up installing a switch for it so I could power cycle it. It would do it on occasion in the mornings, and would do it almost constantly when it was hot in the car. A simple switch off - switch on seemed to clear it.

        Try RevFE
        The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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          Yeah it is a lilliput lol. Its only done it once so far, not as often as you just mentioned. Could be from overheating.