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Help me turn my 7 inch VGA monitor into an in-dash 1-DIN VGA monitor

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  • Help me turn my 7 inch VGA monitor into an in-dash 1-DIN VGA monitor


    I have a VGA touchscreen monitor just like this one here:

    I just changed my car and I cannot find any position for it and I would like to convert this monitor into a in-dash 1-DIN monitor like this:

    It doesn't really have to be motorized, I really prefer the manual mechanism the Xenarc has.

    Any ideas? Is there any place I can find an universal 1-din enclosure?

    Thank you!

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    Thats going to be tough. I know Lilliput used to have a drop in 1-din housing for their 619 units and it was sold by DWW but I dont think Xenarc has anything like that.


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      any enclosure will do, doesn`t need to be from Xenarc, though I think that selling such enclosures will bring some profit for them.


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        There was a bit of hype surrounding the Lilliput DIY in-dash solution, but I think it died once the motorized units came to market. I haven't seen one for sale in a long time, sorry.


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          does anyone have any pics of that drop-in housing from dww?

          i am always looking for ideas on single din enclosures..
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