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lilliput 629 auto on issues

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  • lilliput 629 auto on issues

    Hi I have read many threads on this modification since I bought the version without the wiring to have the auto on feature work for something like a reverse camera.

    I have followed the few threads out there that say to solder on 2 10k resistors and a sot23 package NPN transistor and the first transistor i put on nothing happened upon putting 12V on the wire. The next NPN transistor I put on the video input keeps rapidly switching between PC and Video 2 so fast that it can not even bring up an image. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Try this and undo changes you have made


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      thanks larry but i have already tried all the codes and i have it set to power state 2 and i have tried a few other options. i know its not the codes because i got it to switch but it just keeps switching. i think there is something going on with my transistor.


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        You need to have it connected to a camera or it will be confused and switch back and fourth as you are describing. Put something on vid 2 and you will seee that it will stay on that screen until you remove the 12v power from the sense wire.


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          I did have it connected to a camera but I suspect its the fact that I'm using 2 separate power supplies with non common grounds. I also tried it without a camera connected but that good to know that it only works with a source on the desired input. Any difference between video 1 and 2?


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            It could be the ground. I have never played with that before so I cant confirm that. The auto switch defaults to video 2 (i believe) and there is no way that I know of that you can force it to video 1.


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              Issue solved, used the same ground for both the power supply and my boards power supply and it worked flawlessly.

              The transistor I used was and NTE 2408 NPN if anyone is curious. It is sold at Fry's so pretty easy to get for everyone out there.