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Need help with this screen.. won't power up

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  • Need help with this screen.. won't power up

    Hi all, I just got this screen from a friend, he didn't use his carputer so he took it out and sold it to me.

    The screen is one of this ones
    "7" motorizes indash... etc" like the Thermaltake ones

    It had a problem with the "motorized" part and one day it never came out, so i figured i'll use it fixed on my car turning this:

    into this

    But the big problem is it wont turn on
    i have already disassembled it and when testing for the first time, it only flashes the button leds and won't turn on the screen (No image).

    Can anyone help, its my first time with a lcd touch screen....
    Maybe something is wrong and we can change the VGA controller board with a smaller, good working one?
    The LCD is an HITACHI TX18D16VM1CAA

    I have pics:

    Have more pics if needed....

    Thanks guys, help is very appreciated

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      I can tell you this much: There is some switches for the folding mechanism, and when they aren't actuated in the right order (when the electronics tries to unfold the monitor) it won't power on.

      So either you need to remove the "brains" (probably a Microchip PIC or something) or, program your own PIC to toggle these switches to emulate the monitor opening/closing

      Without any of this, the monitor probably won't work for you.

      // Per.