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Lilliput USB driver issues

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  • Lilliput USB driver issues

    Hi guys, been a long time reader but only just recently decided to go ahead and put together a car pc.

    Unfortunately I have stumbled quite early in my installation stage and can't seem to find an answers and getting quite frustrated.

    I have a Lilliput 669GL and for the life of me can't get the touch screen to work. I'm running Win 7 and have downloaded the "All_In_One_2k_XP_Vista_5.0.0.5017" driver on as there was no specific driver for Win 7.
    When I installed the software it does not pick up the device.

    Also when i plug in the USB my computer does not detect it like any other USB device that I plug in.

    This is what I have concluded:

    1. My screen is faulty as windows does not give me a pop up message when I plug in the USB
    2. I'm using the wrong driver, if so can someone give me a link that will work.
    3. I can't use Win 7 with this monitor.

    Please shed some light on this as it's very deflating to finally get all the parts I need but now can't go ahead and finish off my install.
    Any help greatly appreciated.


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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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