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  • Bonded or not bonded...

    I just find out that CarTFT transflective monitors are not optically bonded. Did anyone compared transflective monitors with opticaly bonded touch screen vs transflective with airgap mounted touch screen ( as it is on all standard screens )?

    I was talking to some oem suppliers and it looks like optcal bonding is F****** expensive! transflective screen with standard touch screen would cost about 200 with optically bonded one it would be around 350. - Automotive and Marine Computers

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    mo-co-so did a excellent comparison:

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      Yes optically bonding is very expensive but it makes a huge difference.


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        Optically bonded is really the only way to go.

        Spend all that money on transflective and then as soon as you install it you get to see the mirrorlike reflection of everything around you. Doesn't make sense.

        Spend the extra money, it is worth it. The screen is the one place you don't short change yourself, since you are looking at it the most.
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          150 pounds ($240) is quite a bit for a bonded upgrade though. We charge $100 for ours, although it is going up to $125 soon. There is a difference between the types of bonds with a wet full bond being the best (and most expensive) for optical performance. Other types of bonds include dry, gasketed, and pre cured sheets. We use a full wet bond in ours so I dont think the $240 is justified.