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Lilliput HB669 7" Touchscreen wont power on

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  • Lilliput HB669 7" Touchscreen wont power on

    Hello, I bought a computer from in which the case has an input for the blue and black wire barrel connector to connect to the monitor power input. The barrel connector provides 12V for the monitor (or at least it is supposed to), however, when I turn the car on, the computer does turn on, but the screen never comes on. I looked at the board of the screen, and neither the red or green LED in the back on the board turns on.

    This was all today, I took my car to Best Buy so that he guy could install the amp and speakers I had bought. I also told him to wire the computer. What he did was: Instead of running a wire from the battery to the red wire which is supposed to be for 12V, he tapped the ignition wire and connected it to what is supposed to be the 12V wire, and also for the white ignition signal wire from the PSU, he used the ignition wire. Could this be why the monitor isn't receiving power from the computer? Because there is not a wire coming from the battery to the red 12V in wire of the PSU, and that there are instead, two wires from the ignition wire, instead of just one?

    Also, I tried using the AC-DC car charger adapter for the monitor, and the monitor still didnt power on for some reason. Worried, I took the monitor out, and went inside the house to see if the monitor would turn on using the regular wall adapter, and it did turn on and work normally. So I'm assuming the problem is the wiring of the computer, as stated above.

    Any ideas? Is there something else that could be wrong?

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    Actually, I believe I was wrong about the computer PSU's 12V input being connected to the ignition wire, b/c when I turn the car off, the computer remains on until about 30 seconds- 1 minute after, where it powers off. Im assuming tshutdownhe automatic shutdown, so therefor it must be connected to the battery, I think. I'll have to go back to the guy and tell him to straighten it out. Can q

    anyone tell me exactly how it all should be wired?

    My system is:
    A polk audio 360W amp going to.2 sets of speakers
    PC from mocoso, has a 160W m2-atx, case is premodded with a metalbpower locking harness w/ red, black and white wires for 12V, ground and IGN signal respectively
    7" lilliput 669HB Touchscreen monitor

    That's pretty much it for now, peripherals I have an OBDII adapter and will be getting gps and bluetooth recievers.