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Panasonic CQ-VD7003U in dash car dvd player RGB connector pinout.

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  • Panasonic CQ-VD7003U in dash car dvd player RGB connector pinout.

    I've just come into possession of a Panasonic CQ-VD7003U in dash dvd player. It has a connector labeled RGB Connector in the Installation manual and I'd like to find the pinout of it so I can try connecting a carputer through that input.

    If anyone has used this display for a carputer through this input, please post the pinout.

    The connector was initially intended to connect a navigation unit that Panasonic was supposed to bring out to work with this head unit, but never did, apparently. I would assume there are connectors for RGB as well as control/communication, but without the pinout, I don't know for sure.

    If anyone has used this input to display a carputer, please let me know...

    I've searched the forums, but maybe my terms were too general or something but I've only come across a 2 year old thread which dealt with a different model and said there was no way to utilize the RGB input connector...

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    No one has tried to use this as a carputer screen ??

    Any idea if the service manual would have the pinout ? Any opinions on whether the service manual would be a waste of time or not ?


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      I would expect that a service manual would have that info if you could get your hands on one. I expect an owners manual wouldn't though.
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        Hey, thanks very much for the opinion, I have the Owners, Install and Wiring manuals, and none of them include a pinout for the RGB input...I'll have to think carefully about buying the Service manual on the chance it includes the pinout, buying it would be half as much as I paid for the whole deck...