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Toshiba 110CS LCD Screen

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  • Toshiba 110CS LCD Screen

    Hello to all,

    My problem is that i have an EPIA M1000G LVDS motherboard and i am trying to connect and old 11.3" SHARP LCD from a Toshiba 110CS laptop i had in my basement and wanted to build with these stuff a similar computer like the HP All-In-One Series

    The module i need for my epia motherboard "LVDS-05" is no more available for sale, as i searched all over the internet and found nothing IN STOCK. So i should forget the fact that my motherboard has LVDS on it.

    So i came up with the idea that i will connect directly my screen to the motherboard, but then another problem came out, because the screen i have has a 40pin cable that was original connected to my laptop motherboard, but i cannot find any datasheets for the diagram, to what cable is what.

    The SHARP screen is a VF0166P01 / LM80C219 model SVGA, colour 11,3" STN LCD
    I don't know if it's LVDS or Parallel, but i want to figure it out.
    I hope this project will rise again, as at this point is shinking...

    Thank your for your time and greetings from Greece,

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    That panel is not worth trying to use w/your mobo.
    It is STN, which is a very low quality, TTL display.

    You can pick up a decent LVDS LCD panel for less than 25.00 if you spend some time looking.

    Either way, you will need to use the LVDS xx module with your Epia board. Direct wiring to the LVDS port is not possible. You need the transmitter chip that is on the Module.

    Good Luck!


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      It's a shame isn't that i have to throw away this LCD, because on the laptop it's working fine and i cant make no use of it without the datasheet, not even as a panel that shows some digits.

      For the module i've searched the net, but as it seems this module is no more available, because of the motherboard being out of stock.

      So the cheapest solution for my case should be buying a used 15" monitor for 30€ and then connecting it with the motherboard itself.

      Worst case scenario. Anyway... Thank you for the info!