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  • Mocoso EBY701

    I'm looking to but this monitor and in my research I found only at mocoso(and on Ebay at mocoso) a 450nits version.
    how come only they have this version and everybody else has the older one only(read less nits)?
    by the way these monitors usually are on sale in December?

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    I was expecting a big BF sale there or on, but nothing. I wanted to buy a sub $500.00 transflective, but alas, not this time. Maybe it's for the good, I should resist to buy those old tech fat screens anyway.

    We did have one last year IIRC. Not this year, so maybe we're not going to having anything by December too...
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      For a while Lilliput made the change to the EBY701 that took it from 300 to 450 nits. When we found out why they made that change we grabbed a bunch of them. We now have the 300 nit version like everyone else. The specs on all of the product pages will be changing in the next 24hrs to reflect that.
      We have some plans to drop an affordable series of transflective monitors that are sub $450 in the very near future.


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        sorry, I'm a bit confused. If I understand right you are saying that your monitors are 300 nits also? nobody has 450 nits monitors?

        like two weeks ago I have purchased the frame for the monitor from you from ebay and most likely next month I will buy the monitor also from you.
        the screen protector helps with the glare?