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  • Some transflective options

    So I was doing some research as I'm looking for a transflective screen bigger than 7", 9-10" range would work best, but with the right specs I could settle for an 8.4".

    What is transflective? Simplest way to explain:

    That means, a 200nit screen is suddenly 1200nit, thanks to the sun light - very smart that. However, if the original LCD panel is crap, it won't handle the extra light, it will wash out and the constrast will be gone. Blacks will be bright also.

    Also being transflective does not help viewing angles at all, so if you're screen is crap when viewing at an angle, boosting brightness won't help.

    Very hard to find something new in the market - dominated by Lilliput, the darling of all transflective transformations. There's the Inelmatic one which seems to be very cool, seems to be the only non-lilliput option. But it's also 7" and I'm not interested in 7" right now.

    I did search mp3car forums before each model listed below, and didn't find any thread about them, so here it goes:

    1. Revo-sys SR10, introduced Nov 15th 2010:

    Revosys SR10 Transflective 10.4 Inch High-Grade VGA Touch Screen Monitor - The absolute best of the best in high-performance transflective LCD monitors. High-grade SR-series LCD monitors feature durable construction with an IP65 water-resistant front panel rating. The long-lasting (70,000hours+) IPS LCD panel provides an ultra wide-viewing angle. This monitor is designed for wide operating temperature, and high-vibration environment. The resistive touch screen can be optically bonded for almost zero reflections of the glass screen for superior clarity.

    RevoSys SR10 Transflective 10.4 Inch High Brightness Open Frame VGA Touch Screen LCD

    High-grade Transflective LCD
    Rugged PVC-ABS Front and Aluminum Chassis
    Standard VESA Mount
    10.4 Inch (4:3) IPS TFT LCD
    1024x768 Resolution
    Transflective 500Nits (up to 1200Nits) Brightness
    LED Backlight
    Optically Bonded Touch Screen (Optional)
    500:1 Contrast Ratio
    4-Wire Resistive USB Touch Screen
    Revosys has some crappy looking screens in their stable, but this is a new one, and it looks very interesting: (Btw, they also have a 7" transflective that looks a lot like the Inelmatic one...only cheaper).


    a. IPS display?! Same as the one on the iPad with absolutely gorgeous contrast and awesome viewing angles? I'll believe it when I see it, but there it is.

    b. One thing that tells me this is true transflective is that the brightness varies according to the ambient light - that's what it means being transflective, it also reflects and uses part of the ambient light to boost the backlight. So in this case, 500Nits (in complete darkness, I take it to be) to 1200Nits - in sunlight conditions.

    c. Price: $790 is a bargain for a transflective IPS display. And the size.

    d. Look at the thin bezel, no buttons. Awesome.

    e. Not that thick either, only about 1.2 inch (31mm). That's not an iPad thick (.5 in) but it's not a Xenarc 700TSV either, which is 1.42in; while the Lilli 629GL is 1.5in.

    The same 10.4" size Xenarc is 1.6in thick, eeks, what a brick.


    a. Revo-sys? WTF?

    b. Is it really IPS?

    c. "Optically Bonded Touch Screen"" is optional, so I'm expecting it to be an expensive version...humm. I'll drop a line later. (this doesn't mean it's not transflective, only it's not that good as it could be).

    I would buy it easily if they had a return policy like Amazon's but they're pretty draconian at 18% restocking fee. So I'll pass.

    (Actually if it weren't for the return policy I would have bought ALL interesting screens and post pictures and videos for each, but I digress.)

    2) SED104HBT, sold by small

    10.4" Transflective TFT LCD Display , more..
    High Bright Sunlight/Daylight readable, more..
    Auto light sensor or manual brightness adjustments
    HD15 VGA, S-Video & Composite inputs
    Front Panel Controls (OSD )
    integrated Touch Screen (USB)
    Windows/Linux Drivers
    Supports Vehicle Power connection (10-14.5V DC)
    External AC Adapter (12V DC)

    Brightness - 352-1000 cd/mē (varies with ambient light)
    Dimensions. 10.6" x 8.7" x 1.97"
    Maximum resolution native 800x600
    Power Consumption - 18W (Typical)
    Horizontal Viewing Angle - 120 degrees
    Vertical Viewing Angle - 100 degrees
    Lot's of cons there, specially the thickness. 1.97", that thing is a brick. Also it's more expensive, at $1045.00

    However, 30 days return policy for a full refund and one year warranty. They even commit 2-10 repairs, and pay return shipping. I feel better with this one already.

    The same monitor can be found here, with the same price/return policy.

    They also have a very interesting tilt and pivot single din 7" screen here, at $350.00. I wonder if it's more reliable because of the manual release?

    There's more, I'll leave it for another post
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    Now that's strange.

    Looks at this:

    This 10.4" XF1000 Inelmatic appears to be the same screen as the no.1 above, the revo-sys SR-10...

    This revo-sys appears to be very shady...
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      Those look cool, especially the one from Revo-Sys. But there is just one problem for me, no DVI or HDMI inputs.

      What do you think of these displays? Digital Logic The company is Swiss. The displays are not transflective but their native brightness ranges from 600 - 1000 nits. And they have DVI inputs. Not sure of the price, will get that when I get closer to buying a display for my project.

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        I purchased a SR10 from Revosys and I'm running it in the car. It's great to have 1024x768. I need as much resolution to run Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Bridge but the resolution is nice otherwise as well.

        Really clean industrial design, I hope that Apple won't sue them 1/2 :-).

        It's bright, once you figure out that you have to press the asterisk key 8 times.

        The sharpness is slightly soft. Yes, I would have preferred DVI. Mine came with a very long cable but I use a much shorter cable already installed. It's the cable that came with my MH700-S 800x480 transflective Monitor from

        It's reasonably bright but not super bright. About the transflective enhancement. This is my third transflective enhanced monitor and you would think that these become ultra bright in direct sunlight. But they don't. All you get is reasonable readability in bright conditions.

        The touch screen front is very nice. It's a deep matt antireflective. Finger prints show strongly.

        I can't confirm whether this is IPS. Contrast loss at an angle seems like TN but I can't prove it. Remind me to look into that one more time.

        My install actually has a telescopic rail and a photo ballhead so that I can pull out and angle the monitor for better reading when not driving. This took forever to complete.

        The panel with the buttons is on the wrong side (right instead of left, as pictured) for crying out loud.

        So am I satisfied? It's good, maybe not great, but I'm not aware of anything better.
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          Thanks for coming back with more info!! Let us know if you find out more about the IPS claims. Also it would be great to post some pictures, any bright environment should do.
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