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NEWBIE want to Switch 7 inch to 6.5 inch

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  • NEWBIE want to Switch 7 inch to 6.5 inch

    Hi guys,

    my name is Alex I am 25 years old, I drive a '99 BMW E39 528i and I'm from Germany. I hope you can help me. I have a CarPC with NVIDIA ION graphics board, and windows XP Prof.
    Art Tevs has installed a 7 inch monitor in an original BMW 16:9 boardmonitor housing and the same I have. The problem now is that the original BMWs screen size is 6.5 inch and my monitor is 7 inch. I need a software like PowerStrip or DTD Calculator to shrink the image. PowerStrip has not work for me, when i save the settings (example 768x512) I had a bluescreen.

    Can someone tell me what parameter I need to minimize the image from 7 inch to 6.5 inch?

    I apologize for my English, i must translate with google. I speak only school English. I hope that i get help from this Forum.


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    Have a look at "12noon Display Changer" (goolge that expression). It works perfectly for me with an Intel d945gclf2, which has a low resolution of 800x600 px. My TFT has 800x480. After executing a batch file with the 12noon commands, the board gets and remember the new settingss all the time.

    My batch-file:
    C:\Programme\12noon Display Changer\dc.exe" -width=800 -height=480 -refresh=60

    Your blue screen could be problem with the refresh rate. Try my instructions.
    Another problem could be the resolution: Perhaps your graphic card doesn' t accept it.
    Sorry for my englisch, but I'm a german too...
    Intel D945GCLF2, 2GB RAM, 160GB SATA, DVD-ROM SATA, WiFi Belkin USB, Navibe-GPS-Mouse, TFT 7" Lilliput, Win XP SP3, Silabs-radio, bluetooth by bluesoleil, RR last versions


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      Hi, Thanks for your answer. Are you in E39-Forum or


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        I think that you should run as "native" as you can on the panel, and then design a skin that is fit to how much on the screen that is visible.
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