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12.1" lvds lcd needed

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  • 12.1" lvds lcd needed

    redoing my car pc lcd even before its been installed. the 14.1" i have now is just way too big.
    would like to find a nice 12.1" to put in its place. Gotta be lvds connection.
    looking for a screen from a hp tablet or others. glossy screen. wide viewing angle.
    let me know if anyone has something that might work.

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    I have one, and I have both a resistive and a capacitive touch kit for it.

    It is an AUO panel.

    I'll even throw in a VGA controller kit for it.


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      so its lvds already? do you know how many channels and what voltage?
      led or ccfl backlight? if its lvds i won't need a vga controller as my motherboard has lvds connection that i am already using on the 14.1" lcd.

      do you know what the pannel is from? like what laptop, or just a bare pannel?
      and touch kit you mention is is a glass overlay or is it in the lcd housing?
      and lastly how much? and can you send any specs/images