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How to install a Lilliput monitor into double din?

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  • How to install a Lilliput monitor into double din?

    Ok so i have purchased the double din frame for my Lilliput but the only instructions that come with it are how to put the screen into the case; as seen here↓

    Can someone please give me a generic HOWTO on mounting the frame into a double din?
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    It should be as simple as pulling the bezel off your dash and mounting the side flanges of the ByByte frame to the sides of your double-DIN opening.
    You would need some bolts & nuts of appropriate size to hold the frame in position behind the bezel.

    There may need to be some finishing work to make it look exactly the way you want.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      That Bybyte frame is not just a drop in and go solution. At a minimum you'll need the double din metra kit for your specific car which will tie right into the frame. If there's no metra kit for your car, check and see if your car ever came with a nav option and purchase that trim piece. As a last resort, if you're one of the unlucky ones like me, your get to mod up your own bezel. I used mdf and molded out the opening so that the transition from the dash to the lcd housing looked more natural instead of a gap in between.


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        How would one go about molding there own custom frame?
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          We have a forum that has a lot of information.


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            Originally posted by knownchild View Post
            How would one go about molding there own custom frame?
            As mentioned, check the forum link above for some ideas and instructions. Personally I found the easiest way was to just work with mdf as it's cheap and very easy to work with (ie make smooth and cut straight lines). I cut out a square piece the exact same size as the dash opening then cut out a square hole in the middle of that piece the same size as the screen opening then used a router and sander to smooth up the edges. Paint and texture the same colour as your car then I used double sided tape to stick the newly made bezel to the screen's housing and the lip of the car's double din opening.


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              There is a section/link on for Chevrolet vehicles, but nothing in it...
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