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iPad screen contrast ratio: 934:1

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  • iPad screen contrast ratio: 934:1

    Well while reading Anandtech's review of the Galaxy tab I found out that not only the Galaxy Tab screen is amazing, the iPad screen is actually unbelievable contrasty!

    Really, I have to commend Samsung here. Thereís no AMOLED, no IPS, and no S-LCD, but they managed to put a very high quality LED-backlit LCD panel into the Galaxy Tab. The contrast ratio is a devilish 666:1, neatly splitting the difference between the EVO 4G and the Dell Streak, but well short of the iPadís stellar 934:1 number. But the best thing about the screen is that even without any of the more advanced display technologies, viewing angles are still excellent. As weíve mentioned before, viewing angles are significantly more important for tablets than netbooks or notebooks, so itís reassuring to see that Samsung recognizes this.

    It is indeed an amazing screen, all those tablets have even when they don't seel as much (Galaxy Tab).

    I've seen a couple of 1000nits screen (even Xenarc has one), I've seen 1500nits screens (with 500:1), but none with a touch screen AND those contrast numbers. (Here's a 1200:1 contrast ratio, 500nit screen but w/o touch).

    Amazing IMHO. Either that or Anandtech numbers are WAY off, but as a layman, I can't tell.

    So the point is, let's hope people start building controllers for those screens. That would be cool to see, a controller with DVI input into a Galaxy Tab or iPad screen (which sells for $90.00).
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    To be honest..the touch feeling of Apple screen is awesome, no body can surpass, IMO..


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      Originally posted by helenjames View Post
      To be honest..the touch feeling of Apple screen is awesome, no body can surpass, IMO..
      I agree. They come across as very 'smooth' in function, feel, and response when using them, despite the role well-written, efficient software plays in regards those factors.

      And that contrast on the iPad is great. It's also good to see Samsung's accomplishments with the Galaxy Tab's screen. I've done a small amount of design work for the Galaxy Tab's marketing campaign, but I have yet to spend more than a few minutes using one.