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Anyone seen a good 7" screen?

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  • Anyone seen a good 7" screen?

    The computer is on the way, i've got the interface figured out. The only problem i am having is choosing a display. I would love to use the 10.4 sharp, but i drive a little rx7, and the largest thing i can get in there would be a 7X5 screen. Has anyone seen a screen this size... and hopefully not too expensive.... this project is allready putting me behind on rebuilding the car its for... *grin*.
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    some of the owners can give you the dimentions exactly, but it should fit. check digitalww or dscustoms (both members of this board) to see what they offer, depending if you want a display that can hide away, or just sit there.

    p.s. a simple search would have given all this information and more!
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      Thanks, i appreciate it. I decided to go with a starvision 7.2". Only $150, its not a tft, but it will work for what i need it to. maybe when i get my other car rebuilt i will get a better lcd, but this one will work for now.
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        I had purchased 2 Starvision 7" widescreen looks alikes over the past couple years and both have broke. They both had poor quality (of course they were NTSC), I just recently purchased a DSCustoms 7" widescreen touchscreen vga, and I must say I don't know how I lived without VGA and touchscreen in the car for so long

        Anyway, I highly recommend spending the 200 extra dollahs for this lcd.
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          Well, when i get my other rx7 up and running, and i transfer this system over to it, i probably will go with a better LCD. I will keep that in mind.
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            Dude a carputer in an rx-7? I don't know about that. Those rotary bombshells were made to be light and adding a carputer sort of goes against this kind of philosophy . But who am I to say...
            /me hopes it isn't an FD


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              Hey Blitz, glad to see someone else loves the RX-7s :-) My first car was one (and there is a first gen sitting in the garage right now ;-) Back when I had that car I installed an I-Opener (remeber those?). It was great.

              Fast forward to today. -> -> ->

              I'm now driving a 2002 civic. I am working on a more powerful carputer. i'm stuck on a screen though. I was looking at the legacy ones till they were nixed by people around here. what i'm wondering is how is your star vision in the sunlight? is it bright/readable? and do you happen to know the nits rateing? I would love a description about YOUR spacific experiences and where int he car it is mounted, as that will help me understand how much sun it gets :-) Thanks a ton for the info.



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                Its not bad, and for the price, i can't argue at all. It might be where its mounted, but i have never had a problem seeing it in any light. The one thing i don't like is that it was advertised with an s-video in. The s-vid cable is actally a connetor that forms into 2 rca's and power. It works well.

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