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LCD LVDS (30pin) 10"-11" for Via motherboard

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  • LCD LVDS (30pin) 10"-11" for Via motherboard

    Hi at all!
    I would like to ask you help reguarding my tablet's project:
    I would like to find an LCD LVDS with a 2x15 pin wire for this motherboard:

    Via EITX-3001

    I haven't bought it yet but i'll do it if i receive good feedbacks in my research...
    It should be similar than Intel's boards (reguarding lvds sockets). I think we could refer to this document for this Via's motherboard too:

    I need a 24-bit single-channel pannel of 11" or 12".....I have found this post reguarding this LCD (CLAA089NA0ACW) and I think it should work for me too but it's too small...

    Is there someone who could give me some suggests or indicate me a good LCD panel for this moderboard (or an LCD that' s probably compatible)?

    You can find more info about EITX-3001 at this page in Datasheet and user manual at voice "LVDS":

    You can find the documents that I also mentioned in attachments
    Thanks in advice,
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    The VIA and Intel LVDS are different. DO NOT use the Intel Whitepaper while trying to configure your VIA LVDS.

    Obtaining an LCD that will work is not the problem.

    Making the correct cable is.


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      Yes, I was not referring to the pinout.....anyway thanks for the answer. For me the problem is to find the LCD too because I will buy it folliwing yours indications, so i would like to know if there is a LCD simpler to configure....