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  • Reset Lilliput Please Help

    Hello everyone,

    Been lurking around the forums since early 2009

    I just purchased a used lilliput 7" screen. There was no numbers on the case, but compairing it to pictures it looks like a 619.

    Anyways, When I hook it up vga, it auto powers up and says video 1, then goes to no signal found then shuts off.

    The Screen did not come with a remote nor did it come with the extra AV cables.

    It looks like someone has done the power on mod (havent looked to see if its the soft or hard mod yet) but it looks to be locked to video 1 and I cannot change to PC.

    Is there a way to hard reboot the lilliput without a remote?

    Also, all the buttons work on the front bezal except for the menu button...

    I think I might have a new door stop.

    Any help for a newb would be greatly appreciated.