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LCD recommendations for front passenger?

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  • LCD recommendations for front passenger?

    I've been trying to figure ths out for a while ... getting a screen for the front passenger has been difficult. I was going to go for a sun visor screen but none of them have a vga port for the high quality image that I want, not the rca input and also they really aren't large enough for carpc viewing. I was looking at the eonon 19" with vga input but the size of that thing is friggin' huge .... it's about 21" by 26", way too large to put just for the front passenger not to mention I don'gt think there'd be enough space to put it voer the present sunvisor (which I don't mind covering up).

    So, i'm asking for suggestins and help as to what type of lcd and lcd placement that preferrably includes vga input for high res ..... HELP!!