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Xenarc 8" taken apart dimensions

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  • Xenarc 8" taken apart dimensions

    After 6 years of not posting, i am back...
    I see not much as changed since last I tried to do a carputer.

    If anyone could help me by posting dimensions of the 8" without the bezel I would appreciate it
    looking at FAQ for xenarc,
    some nice person posted dimensions of it without bezel , but I see that the measurements are posted for the actual screen, and not including the pcb board that seem to stick out further, also the screw holes seem to not be measured.

    I am trying to fit this screen into a 7.48" (19cm) x 4.33"(11cm)
    Can the pcb mounted so that it doesn't extend the dimensions in the pics in the above thread, as well as can those hinges for the screws be removed?

    I can use a 7" but I want to try to make it OEM look by removing the bezel, also can the buttons be easily removed and attached to somewhere else *in my case I will be creating a new area for buttons, usb ports, power button.

    Below is a picture of the 2001 prelude bazel and where the screen and buttons will go
    Any input on absolutely anything would be appreciated.
    This will be my first true install, the last one i tried I never finished because i didnt have time