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    Hello everyone,
    I'm in the process of installing a system in my car. I've got a PII with an All-InWonder Pro from way back in the day. My problem is what display to use. I have been looking all over the internet and E-Bay seemes to be the cheapest (for legacy and pyramid desplays) has anyone used these displays? Also does anyone have any additional specs on these screens (preferably the 7 inch versions (Legacy LM71 ?). Thanks for the help, any info will be greatly appreciated!


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    Starting a thread after you replied in another, for the same exact screen. Shame on you. Search duder search.

    also remember you get what you pay for, unless of course you can fix it and make it work better, but how much is it going to cost you at the end?
    What im curently listening to.
    My complete carpc setup


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      Sorry, I did in fact search this site and only found two items about the LM71. And as for posting here, I thought it might bennifit myself as well as the other fellow who posted in general hardware, to have a question about LCD specs in the LCD section. I did not intend to upset anyone or spam the boards, just trying to get the best result to help people. So anyway, question still stands....

      Anyone ever seen a Legacy LM71 in action or know any specs? Thanks for any help!



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        I have a little experience with both the Legacy and the Pyramid. Both claim to be high resolution 7.2" LCD.

        They may be 7.2" LCD but I wouldn't agree with high resolution.

        If you are using them just to display dvd or video game playback they work fine.

        If you are using it for Windows desktop display, even at 640 x 480 you are going to have a hard time reading the text.

        Also be aware that we have many returns on those models, sometimes as high as 30%. But you get what you pay for and they do have a 1 year warranty.

        If anyone wants more info, just reply here....


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          How is the brightness level of the Legacy's? Any difference between the L7M and LM71?