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How to enable LVDS on Intel D525 MWV

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  • How to enable LVDS on Intel D525 MWV


    i just bought a new intel d525 mwv board cause of its lvds feature.
    im using a chi mei 10,1 screen with a edid eprom. the cable was manufatured i china and fits the requirements.
    unfortunately the board doesnt let me use the lvds interface, the bios men is there but disabled. does anybody know hwo i can enable the lvds feature?
    i read about similar problems with the 945 gsejt but in opposit to that board the d525 mw"v" is explicit sold with lvds.

    I tried the intel integrator tool but it also doesnt let me activate it. If anyone has any idea how i can make it work please help me!!

    Greetings Phil

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    why don't you ask intel support?


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      You need to contact the company you bought the board from. They were supposed to flash the BIOS with the LVDS enabled, if that is how they sold it to you.
      The Intel LVDS BIOS' are not publicly available files.


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        I tried to contact Intel support but it seems its hard to get them.
        I also talked to mini box where i ordered it but they said they dont have it, sucks.
        I downloaded the Intel embedded graphics driver and im working myself through it at the moment. Seems to be a very mighty tool, does anyone has some experience with it?


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          I got in touch with mini box where i bought it, they said they dont have the bios.
          The intel customer support seems not to care about that.
          I downloaded the intel embedded graphic driver, mighty tool.
          Seem to get along with it pretty well, does anyone have experience in using the IEGD ?