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    Hello everyone. I am new to posting here but have been searching and reading for a while. This is probably one of the greatest sites i have found with info for an MP3 vehicle.

    I was looking for info on inverters and controllers but couldn't find what i was looking for. Hopefully some of the posters with great wisdom can answer a question or two.

    I have a few laptop screens kicking around. I was thinking about using my IMB Thinkpad 770 13.3" screen just for learning on and playing around with. BUT what i was wondering is: Are inverters model specific ie.will i need to find one for my thinkpad 770? and are lcd controllers model specific?

    I have a few old desktop systems i am going to put together to try it out so i am just at a hault with the inverter and controller.

    Thanx and look forward to learning more.

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    backlight inverters and lcd controllers are pretty much universal... to a point.

    you need to match the specs of the backlights to the specs of the inverters. power output, bulb quantity, etc.

    likewise for the controller cards. connection type, color capabilities, resolution, etc.

    messing around with controllers and inveters is going to get expensive. the cards are really not the cheap. so, play at your own risk!!!

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      Ok, thanx for the help. What would you suggest then for putting together an lcd display? Would you try and look for someone selling everything? or how would you go about it?

      I have a 5.6 inch screen already that uses RCA but i wanted something a little bigger for viewing. Any info would be helpful since i am new to a screen in a car. I have done a computer but never a lcd screen

      Thank you again