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Stupid TM-701L Question

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  • Stupid TM-701L Question

    As the title says this may be a stupid question...

    Ive had my TM-701L for awhile now, and Im redoing my interior in my car so I havent had a chance to install it yet. I was looking at it and wondering how exactly do you secure it when you install it? It comes with those little screws and metal strapping stuff, but how exactly do you screw it to anything? Thanks, and dont laugh too much.

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    are those the indash? if so, the bottom of the din should have a hole for the screw, some in the sides aswell. Older cars have a frame that is mounted on the front of the dash like my sweetie had
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      Well Im planning to make a console out of fiberglass and MDF. My cd player just used those little tabs you bend up on that metal sheath thing that goes around the din to hold itself in.

      I was wondering if you would bend that metal strap after screwing it into the side of the TM-701L then screw it to something. I know its pretty simple, I just want to make sure its right when I do it.


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          What car?


          I have an Xterra and had the very same question. My factory head unit had 'L' brackets holding it onto the frame. The long end of the L screwed into the head unit and the short end screwed onto the face of the opening for the radio. Each bracket has indentations for each screw that mate to indentations on the side of the head unit. Unfortunately, the sides of the housing of the TM-701L are flush.

          I was able to flatten out my factory mounting hardware with a heavy duty vise and use the screws included with my TM-701L.

          It sounds like you have the right idea, but I would bend the brackets before you mounted them to the TM-701L. Depending on how much force you need, you may end up ripping the screws out of the housing.