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Single DIN LCD mount hardware

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  • Single DIN LCD mount hardware

    Howdy all,

    Had a quick browse though although the forum regards DIN as too common so can't search properly.

    I'm on the lookout, if it exists, for single DIN mounting hardware (I'm not totally sure how DIN slots attach) so it then puts out some mounts out the front of the slot to attach a screen to it. This is to avoid drilling the screen base as its a 10" screen so its too big for an in dash thing.

    Any ideas?

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    i haven't seen any pre-made solutions like that in my time here. i think your either going to need to build your own solution, or have someone else build it.

    if you are looking for ideas, we just need some pics of everything.
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      Something like this

      Appears to be a mount only, hard to tell much from that picture.


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        I'm really trying to see how that thing works. I think some better pictures would be helpful. Looks like it wedges in between or inside the empty head unit slot. Not sure.


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          The other one I found was although small pics.