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i just broke my eby-701 where can i get replacement parts?

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  • i just broke my eby-701 where can i get replacement parts?

    while dis-assembling my screen to install into a double din frame, the clamp (connector) that holds the ribbon cable to the circuit board attached to the back of the screen broke. i managed to shatter it, the soldered parts came off and the clamp itself cracked into pieces.

    is it possible to purchase just the clamp and get it professionally soldered back on? if so, where could i locate such a part. or what is the technical part number for the connector or cable?

    if it's to intricate a part to repair, where can i purchase a at070tn83(the entire display portion of the monitor)? I've googled the part, and many sites come up. most are in japanese, or require minimum purchases of much greater than 1.

    I've also looked at the individual parts available for replacement from mo-co-so (where i bought the monitor) and it looks as though they sell everything but this part.

    any info. would be appreciated, the cheapest route obviously being the most desirable.


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    I'd contact chris directly at mo-co-so chances are he will be able to help you. He's saved me before thats for sure. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      yep, i'm just awaiting a reply. chris has helped me a couple times already as well. i'll let you know.


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        Did you look on ebay for the LCD?
        You can pick them up for about 60.00 shipped for a new one.

        The connector damage you mention is probably not repairable.

        Here's an example:


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          I was hoping to avoid buying a whole new one, seems like such a waist when the problem is just a connector. anyhow, i spoke with chris, and it seems you are correct. He said that he can source the parts for me at a discounted rate. This is why i like to find a dealer that you can count on, as nice as ebay deals may be, it's rare to find a dealer that stands behinds his products and customers like Mo-co-so has for me so far. He is on ebay as well... so i guess that's a conflicting statement, hehehe! It's nice to be able to contact the person your purchasing from, and have expert help on the other end.