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Which of the Xenarc LCD's are you most intereseted in?

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  • Which of the Xenarc LCD's are you most intereseted in?

    I'm looking at the following Xenarc branded LCD's: Which ones would you be most likely to buy?

    5.7 TFT LCD Monitor w/ one AV input, roller control, and built-in speakers, vertical reverse imagin and mirror image flip.
    155-175$ or so

    7 TFT LCD Monitor w/ 2 AV inputs, 1 output, remote control, and built-in speaker
    225-235$ (or so)

    7 TFT LCD Monitor w/ one VGA input (for Computer, GPS, etc.), and On-Screen-Display
    375$ or so.

    7 TFT LCD Monitor w/ one VGA input, 2 Composite (RCA) Video inputs, 1 audio input and On-Screen-Display
    $415-425$ or so.

    And then touchscreen for each monitor would increase the price by approx: 70$ for a usb touchscreen setup.

    I was looking at the the VGA lcd, and would one really need the 2 RCA inputs? especially since it costs like 50$ more? We're just hooking up our VGA cable to it.. maybe a few people have dvd players etc.. but it's mainly vga.

    What do you all think?

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    The one with VGA input, nothing more nothing less.
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      Yes, exactly what i was thinking, it seemed absurd that all that is availible is the one with VGA + rca inputes.. when it's in your dash you've just got it hooked to ur pc. The ocasional person, though, does hook it up to an xbox etc


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        composite could also be used for cameras, stand alone dvd player, or.. tuner i'll be using has OSD so I need either a composite or a composite->vga switch (I have one at home. it works.. but it does degrade the VGA quality a little bit.)
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          You can also use the composite in for lets say a xbox or ps2 or any other stuff you wish to connect.
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            It's a shame Xenarc never made a DVI connector for these.


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              Honestly I was never fond of the Xenarcs, for a carputer they were too small for me, the one I had I got rid of for an Elo, and now I can actually read text without putting my face right up to the dash. Also I found that Xenarc's prices are a tad high for what they offer considering what you can get a Datalux for off Ebay for.


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                True that, Datalux is my best friend. I just don't think you can beat what you get inside of them for the price. Even if you replace the actual TFT panel (as I did) with a brighter one, usually the TFT controller, touchscreen, and touch controller can all be reused with another screen of the same size. Sometimes even the backlight inverter can also be reused. Maybe some day people will be purchasing Xenarc screens off of e-bay to strip them down for parts, just like the Datalux screens. Datalux is also high-priced with new models being something like $1500. Ridiculous of cours


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                  problem with the larger screens are they arent easily mountable
                  with in fash and the xenarcs with the mount, its pretty much a no brainer
                  for screens like the dataluxs you gotta have some sort of a plan on mounting and it will likely require some custom work
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                    Originally posted by aoLhaTer
                    it will likely require some custom work
                    That is a good thing no?