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My touchscreen has 2 x 12V pwr & gnd cables?

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  • My touchscreen has 2 x 12V pwr & gnd cables?

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to this forum and recently just took a project to install a custom fitted 9" screen into my 2010 charger and replace my Pioneer avic with a carPC.

    I'm at the point that my itx is completed, I'm using a M3 ATX PSU @ 125w on a J7F2WE jetway mobo. I will be using the molex from the PSU to supply 12V to the screen.

    My problem is, I notice that there is 2 different wires for pwr and gnd to the monitor. The monitor is a 9" it was a no name but with further research it turns out it's the PYLE 9" 800x480 touch screen (Pretty popular on google search) in the back, there is 3 wires, 1 is the USB, 1 is the VGA and 1 is the AV harness.
    on the VGA cable the end is a male (My mobo is a male connector too) and with the box came a Female to female vga extention, but this one has a female power plug to it, something similar to your typical DC adapter. in the manual, it says DC in
    On the AV harness, there is also a 12V pwr and gnd?

    My question is, which one should I be using? I should also add that on the av harness one, there is a black box that says filter & fuse box. If I open it, I can see a fuse and a black capacitor and some other stuff I don't recognize.

    I'm going on vacation tomorrow for a week but intend to complete the project when I come back. Since I ran out of time and couldn't find any info anywhere, I figure I could post this here.

    here's a link of the monitor

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    Use the power/ground wires on the AV cable set. You know those are fused, so you will protect the display from any power spikes.

    The power tap on the VGA may not be used on this model, but they included it?

    If all else fails, RTFB!


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      haha yeah the monitor didn't come with any books or manual, just a one side card with badly translated warning message lol.
      For those who might get in the same position, the end result was, both are 12V power cables, but one is a plug which you can connect a AC adapter too incase you wanted to use the monitor. the other one from the harness is a hard wire cable, to connect direct to the car.
      I left one not connected and the other one (The harness) is connected to the 12V molex from the computer. Everything works well.