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Xenarc 1020TSV Touch Sporadically Inaccurate

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  • Xenarc 1020TSV Touch Sporadically Inaccurate

    I've had my 1020TSV for almost 2 years, but I've only seen this issue since I upgraded to Win7 about 8 months ago. When I restart or resume from hibernation, sometimes the touch panel works fine and all is happy Then, sometimes (not sure what triggers it - I've seen it after resume, restart and when it's just been on for a while without anyone touching it) the touch accuracy is wrong. Most of the time it looks like the touch panel thinks the screen is about 2/3 of the size that it is. If I press on the far left of the screen, the cursor moves to about 2/3 of the way from the right. I can't move the cursor to anywhere in that left third of the screen. Sometimes if I play with the touch panel (swipe, tap, etc.) a bit, it fixes it, but rarely. I have the latest driver package from Xenarc for the device, which I just made sure of this morning. The only logical explanation I have is possibly a bad connection somewhere (I'm going to check the connection on the screen itself this weekend - it's difficult to get to) or not enough power sometimes. I'm pretty sure I have plenty of power with my M2-ATX: the monitor, Intel Atom CPU and only a couple small USB peripherals some of the time.

    Have any of you guys seen anything like this on this monitor, or any other monitor for that matter? It's really hard to deal with when it happens while I'm driving; it sometimes makes it unusable when I can't tap on the left third of the screen.

    Carputer Progress:

    Re-do fabrication of screen [DONE]
    Add mini-USB and micro-USB power from M2-ATX [DONE]
    Teardown PC [100%]
    Add HDMI > VGA converter [0%]