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  • High Brightness Screens

    I have been searching around for a good quality screen for what seems like an eternity.

    It seems all other industries are getting into the newer technologies apart from automotive. Where is that High Brightness/Capacitive screen we all want that matches our smartphones.

    I look at sites like,,, mo-co-so, mp3car etc . I cant really see much updates since 2009, and if any its still the "high brightness" of 400nits-600nits. And it seems a premium price to pay.

    Now Im not up with the play of LCD screens, how they work and what would be required to make them work in a car (this is my first post btw) but having a look around it seems like the screens are available.

    AUO Panel - 1500Nits - $375US

    NEC Panel - 1000Nits - $380US

    1000Nits - $420US

    Apart from the screen, I believe you need a VGA/AV board.. and then the touchscreen - which I see you have your choice from resistive, SAW and projected Capacitive.

    Im wondering if anyone can share their experiences from buying an open frame panel and getting it to work in the car, offer any advice tips etc.

    It just seems to me I can get a 1000-1500Nit screen for the price of a "premium" 400Nit one.