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2008 Audi S4 interfacing with OEM?

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  • 2008 Audi S4 interfacing with OEM?

    I am new to Carputing but consider myself mildy computer savy. I am planning on doing a full carputer as my OEM deck was broken by thieves and they was $3000 to fix it. I have a few questions:

    1) What funtions will I loose by getting rid of the stock dvd/nav unit? It seems to interface with the small screen in the interment cluster. Will I loose functionallity of this sceen? is it possible to interface my CarPC with this screen? (I know some C and Java if this would help)

    2) Has anyone done a carputer in a simmilar Audi and have some suggestions on location of PC unit and any unforseen issues?

    3) Will the MP3Car 2002 A4 double din 7" liliput fit this car?


    Brock the noob.

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    1. I dont think you will loose fuction. Remember this is a computer you can pretty much code anything to make any thing work. It reguards of working with you oem screen. That is quesitonable it depends on the interface the screen uses. Most computere are VGA,DVI,HDMI

    2. I dont have an audi but mine is going in my trunk over my spare tire. Check out my worklog

    3. I am not sure you can take a look at


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      Thanks for the response. I checked out your install, it looks like it is coming along nicely, are you finished yet? I want to try to put the cpu under a seat, for ease of wiring and access. I would have to remove the spare altogethter to use that area. I am also toying with the idea of gutting an 8" screen and getting a piece of fiberglass made for the dash. Well, thanks for the input, let me know how your goes.