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Black Border on Lilliput 869

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  • Black Border on Lilliput 869

    Hi all,

    Weird thing happened today. I turned my car on and my Lilliput 869 had a black border around the screen. I have it hooked up via HDMI to my onboard video card but have it set to DVI on the A/V input (there is a black border around the image when I "select" HDMI). I double checked to make sure that I was actually in DVI mode (I was), restarted the PC, but still the border. The computer was acting strange (see NOTE below), so wasn't sure if I had a hardware or software issue. I could click on the black border and the computer would register a click on the displayed portion as if the displayed portion was taking up the whole screen, but with my mouse I couldn't move the cursor into the black border. Finally solved the border problem tonight be going to HDMI mode, holding MENU to activate zoom mode, holding MENU again to return to normal mode, and then switching back to DVI. Boom, worked perfectly.

    I had the computer up and running borderless for a few days, so I was thinking it was a software issue, but seeing as the solution involved messing with the settings on the Lilliput hardware I'm not too sure anymore.

    Any ideas?


    Note: When I started the computer, I was greeted with a weird startup screen and it appears Windows Update had tried to install an update while my computer was going into shut down mode, thereby hosing itself when my power supply cut power. Maybe a Windows driver thing?