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VGA - single din - touch screen - 7"

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  • VGA - single din - touch screen - 7"


    I'm doing a little reorganization and elected to go back to a double din head unit... that leaves me with this single din hideaway VGA monitor. It's touch screen with a USB connection as well as standard RCA video inputs and a VGA monitor connector. Very easy operation and worked flawlessly for me - 100% of the time. It also has auto shutoff when it doesn't sense a signal - very handy depending on your set-up.

    Push a button and out she comes - moveable both up and down and left and right. It isn't motorized, but honestly having had a motorized unit go bad, I prefer this set up... its a very strong feeling mechanical (spring loaded) operation that works quite well.

    As for its condition, I'd give it a A- or B+ (it cleaned up better than I had originally suspected). There are no major scratchs anywhere, but it has been used. I'll supply pics soon and try to show as clearly as possible since everyone has a different idea on grading. Comes with manual, driver disc, remote and original box (pretty sure I have that too)

    Price? I bought it for $240 off ebay, so I'll sell it for $130 and give someone a pretty good deal. Its a plain black front and fits most any dash wish a single din size slide mount.

    I'm getting it out later today and will supply pics then... just figured I'd get a head start in posting now.

    Email or pm with questions.

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    so are you selling it, or posting a positive review for a unknown brand?
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      Sorry about that... this was meant as a for sale ad obviously, but somehow I missed the classified forum when posting this (rushing too much - it happens).

      This is an no name unit and if I remember correctly, I bought it from B-Billion on Ebay. For a short review - to make this thread more pertinent, I'd rate it fairly high compared to other name brands that I've seen repeated bad reviews and reports of early product failure on.

      It's decent looking with a plain black front that is also customizable if someone were to want to replace the front plastic trim with parts that matched fabrics or other materials used in the car interior. It's fairly simple and effecient with few options and no bells and whistles that I've found I never use anyhow. I tried the touchscreen option briefly and it worked well.

      I've owned a few monitors now, although only one designed for PC use, and this one has a strong solid feel, works well and would only rank in the middle on its abilities in bright sunlight. It still shows up fine, although I've seen one monitor that seemed to have a better coating - had better contrast or something that made it stand out better in that situation. Given its price, I'd rate this as a solidly built good value.

      I'll repost in the classifieds and a[ologize for the newby move... I've trolled here a lot but spend most of my posting time on DIYMA due to my audio interest. Had I the budget to do it over though, I'd have done a car PC installation... now that you can create top quality sound systems at reasonable prices.

      Less - aka Jim
      Sucker for technology!

      *Audison Bit One.1 *Sarotech Digital media player -500gb drive -digital out *Clarion DRZ 9255 HU *McIntosh/Zapco amps * Scan Mids/Tweets *Morel 9" Bass drivers *JBL GTi 12" Sub sealed


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        Well, this is for sale... again. I actually never followed up on trying to sell it from before, so its just been sitting here. I've not posted as many posts here, as I was always targetted more specifically on the audio end of things... and although I keep all my music in lossless files, I"m not a fan of mp3s - and although I've tinkered with the car computer route, I've been able to meet my needs with a hdd based portable media player with a digi output. Anyhow, I can't post new ads in classifieds, but I have a number of positive sales over on DIY mobile audio. Here's a link to the post there with pics and details:

        This would be a great monitor for a custom installation, due to its simplicity of design and limited additional features... its a monitor - and that's pretty much it. I was a little worried about how it'd work when I bought it from eBay, but I was really pretty pleased with the resolution and the quality of the feel of the entire unit. I'd say it comes through about as well as my Pioneer, Alpine and other No Brand monitors - although its got the advantage of being able to tilt sideways to avoid glare too, and frankly, with my civic's dash angle, that's a real PITA with a fixed monitor. I actually built a custom shade for my current Pioneer dvd. While this is far from perfect in that regard, I never felt like I needed to make a custom shade for it either.

        Anyhow, for what you'll have into it - I think its a pretty good deal. I have all the original items that came in the box... remote, drivers, din slide-in and original box/packing as long as I can still put my hands on it all. Pretty sure I can.

        Email me at jim.hickerson AT please! I don't check here very often. Thanks for looking... I really need to post here more, but I've tended to be more of a search and troll guy here since others have answered most of the questions I'd have.

        Less aka Jim
        Sucker for technology!

        *Audison Bit One.1 *Sarotech Digital media player -500gb drive -digital out *Clarion DRZ 9255 HU *McIntosh/Zapco amps * Scan Mids/Tweets *Morel 9" Bass drivers *JBL GTi 12" Sub sealed


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          I'm very interested.. Could you give me a price with p&p to Ireland please?