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Strange VM70 issue

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  • Strange VM70 issue

    I have this very strange behaviour from a VM70 monitor that I have. I still have the carputer on the bench until I finish with some wiring issues in my car, so I'm trying to solve as many issues now than later. So, when the monitor is powered through the AC/DC power adapter, I get the image just fine, as it's supposed to be. The issue comes when I decide to power the monitor through either my M3-ATX's molex cable, or through a 450W PSU that I use to simulate my car battery on the bench. When I do that, the image is with waves and such, as if there is noise.

    With a multimeter I checked the AC/DC power adapter output and it's from 12.2V up to 12.35V changing all the time, while the molex cable of both M3-ATX and the other PSU produce exactly 12.27V, no changes at all.

    No cables are moved at all between the two states of powering the monitor to justify that noise is coming through the VGA cable for example. It shouldn't be a software issue or a driver or settings issue either, since with the exact same setup the problem appears only when I connect it through the molex cable and it's entirely gone when I connect it through the AC/DC power adapter.

    Any ideas why this is happening? I thought this stuff happened the other way around, when you powered a monitor through a not stable power supply and this issue is remedied if you power it through a PSU for example.

    I'm up for possible solutions, apart from the obvious inverter -> AC/DC power adapter -> VM70 solution that is kinda stupid anyway. :P

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    you might need to try a different vga cable-- i remember reading something about poor/cheap cables causing issues like that..
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