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  • Mystery device!!

    Hello Everyone,
    I live in galena Alaska and I help kids build race sleds as my job...
    So we want to mount gps units on the race sleds and this is what i bought on ebay

    or search axiom gps in dash. They look rugged but i have a few questions.
    1. Has anyone seen these before or worked on them?!
    2. A gps antenna. If you look at the pics there is a little port for a gps antenna and i have never seen that electronic connection before... Has anyone else?
    3. I hear alot of talk of axiom sanpiper gps or axiom gps chips.... Can I receive some knowledge about axiom.

    I really appreciate the help since I have searched all over the internet and found nothing.
    This will be a sweet project for the kids!


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    any suggestions?


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      The screen is clearly monochrome. I'd say this is probably a "pure GPS" unit. It will show you a compass, your coordinates in longitude and latitude. Maybe you can use one of the ports to give it a set of coordinates and it will give you an arrow pointing where you need to go, aka bird's flight navigation. I'd expect it to not support maps of any kind.
      It seems that it doesn't come with the GPS antenna - you'd have to get it yourself, and the connector doesn't look standard. On the upside - it's 30 bucks. On the downside - you might have to spend a lot more time and money to figure out how it works and get all the necessary parts.
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        So you dont think that it will show my location on a map? I was hoping that it will show my tracks on a map so that i could backtrack....

        I have also been looking at these little tablet pc that run gps software.. they look promising with some really cool highly detailed topo maps. They only problem is running on on a high vibration snowmachine that will be out at -10 degrees.

        does anyone know of a screen.. (e ink, monochrome, etc) that does better in cold temperatures?
        any suggestions?