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lilliput sunlight readable vs. high brightness

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  • lilliput sunlight readable vs. high brightness

    I've been doing some research on 7 inch monitors for my car and im a little unclear about the differences between these two monitors.

    I understand that the sunlight readable has the transflective material that reduces glare, but is that worth the 150 bucks to get that over the standard HB? Exactly how 'unreadable' is the cheaper one?

    Is there something from 3M or elsewhere that I could buy to reduce glare on the standard hb model and not have to swing for the sunlight readable?


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    I own a Lilliput 669 5 wire high brightness monitor (with the screen protector that Chris supplies with all of his monitors) and I have no issues seeing it in my car. It has the same problem that all of my head units suffer from when in direct sunlight, no worse (and in some instances slightly better). I don't know if the transflective upgrade is worth it, since I've never seen one in real life, but I'm happy with my 450nit 669.
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      if you have a hard top vehicle, then the HB would be fine.

      if you have a convertible, the TR is well worth it(i have a convertible-- without the optical bond between the lcd+touch panel, the display is near useless).
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