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7" Lilliput installed and motorozed in BMW X3 without NAV

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  • 7" Lilliput installed and motorozed in BMW X3 without NAV


    Installed a 7" Lilliput EBY-701 display using an RC retract servo and made-from-scratch console replacing the factory glove box on the dash top. The good thing is the glove box can be put back within 5 minutes, and the only modification was the removal of a half inch piece of plastic inside the dash cavity that does not effect anything and not visible.

    The servo for now is controlled by a basic stamp and miniature push button switches, but will be triggered by power ON/OFF input later. Alternatively, one may use a cheap $5-10 servo controller or some other means of motorizing the monitor.There is just enough clearance for the monitor that it clears the glove box.

    The frame was built from plexi-glass and some white plastic cardboard looking sheet, both from Home Depot. The leather-look covering is soft and good quality and very closely matches the original cheap looking plastic glove box's color.

    Using Acer One in main glove box tapped into fuse box above it, and Delorme GPS (installed right next to display inside dash). Ran all wires down next to A/C duct directly to main glove box.

    Took many hours to tweak it, so prepare for the long haul.

    Installed Ride Runner (formerly Road Runner) with voice control.Navigation is laptop based with Street Atlas 2001 and IGuidance 4.0 native to RR. Working on IBusRR interface to control from steering wheel.

    Video of operation here:

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    Love the retracting functionality! Would you be able to post a how-to/guide for that?