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touchscreen calibration is off

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  • touchscreen calibration is off

    I have the VGA touchscreen LCD from and the left middle part of the touchscreen is off by 1/2 an inch. After doing the 24 point calibration I can see that all 4 corners line up but the middle section is way off. I opened the casing to the screen already because I planned on wiring the buttons to external ones so I dont have the warranty anymore (I dont think). I guess I found out too late that the touchscreen part wasnt working right. Does anyone know if there is a part actually bad or if there is something simple to fix this? If it is the touchscreen that is bad would I be able to order this part somewhere?

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    When you did the calibration, did you use your fingertip or a stylus like that which you get with a palm pilot:

    You can also use a pencap or something if you don't have a stylus.


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      I used the sylus from my palm pilot. I will try and get a screen shot of the grid in a little bit.