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xenarc 700idt wiring and dismantling

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  • xenarc 700idt wiring and dismantling

    Hey guys I just ordered one of these 1 din 700idt monitors and was wondering one, About the wiring, I know it uses a connector for in car use or a barrel connector. I have an old cpu or case fan here that has a square 4 pin connector on it (That looks to me like a molex connector) But it looks small? Is this the correct one or is there a bigger molex connector I need?

    Also, I know its a single din unit for a reason, But I was wondering if anyone has dismantled it and turned it into a non retractable double din unit (As to get away from the spring mechanism jamming/the known ribbon cable issue it has)

    If anyone has done that or has any idea what the hell im talking about with the connector, the help would be greatly appreciated

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    The monitor comes with a cable that has the 4-pin connector and three wires. You should use that for in car use.


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      It said on the listing no cable included.


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        Listing? I assume that you bought it used off of ebay? The unit comes with the power cable for in-vehicle install if purchased new from an authorized dealer. Please contact the place you purchased the unit from if you purchased it new and it doesn't come with the cable. Or if you purchased the unit used, you can always contact us to purchase a cable. You can visit us at, or give us a call at (888) 656-6536.


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          I got one of these, and hacked off the straight-4 end.
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            Spoke too soon. Got it today and it came with one.

            Got it all setup, works but the screen is a little staticky/grainy. Also the touch screen has to be pushed pretty hard to use and the push/drag (to scroll through songs) is next to impossible to do. Is there a sensitivity setting or something?

            Also, I have road runner installed and it works, but doesn't take up the whole screen, left to right is perfect, height wise, its too short in the bottom end. Read to change the code in the skins/general file but that says the screens resolution so I don't know what to do?

            Other then that its a decent monitor.