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Sharp LQ150XC1W module - pc interface?

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  • Sharp LQ150XC1W module - pc interface?

    Hello, all;

    I've acquired some great 15 inch industrial monitors for my boat and car projects, and I'm wondering if anyone here has used similar ones and gotten them to work.

    They're Sharp LQ150XC1W, which are 15 inch XGA panels with 1500 mcd brightness. They're made for use as order confirmation screens at fast food drive throughs, so they're bright plus they have filters for sunlight viewing.

    Sharp microelectronics didn't have the data sheet handy, they said they were probably a custom part for an integrator, but were likely similar to the other 15 inch display models from 2002-2003, using LVDS for video input.

    I can't find a data sheet for this specific model, but Sharp did give me one for a similar model. So I'm going to try either using a mini-itx board with an LVDS interface or a DVI to LVDS adapter from Systemation.

    I'm just wondering... has anyone here gotten a 15 inch Sharp TFT panel with LVDS working as a mobile computer display, and if so what method did you use? Alternatively, can someone point me at a web page or doc with an example of how to determine pinout for an LVDS connector so I can start working on a custom cable?


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    TONS of useful information here:
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