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Help! Lilliput 869 not working with Asus eee netbook

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  • Help! Lilliput 869 not working with Asus eee netbook

    Hey guys. I'm at the end of my rope here. I've scoured the forums and tried everything I can think of. Basically I'm trying to run a Lilliput 869 GL as an external touchscreen monitor from my Asus eee 1005ha netbook running Windows 7. I'm using the VGA output on my eee through the VGA 9-Pin cable with USB. When I put the Lilliput in PC mode, the screen just blinks. Here's what I've tried so far:

    I attached the Lilliput monitor to my desktop computer's VGA output and got an image. So I know the Lilliput monitor and the VGA 9-pin cable are OK.

    I attached my Asus eee to my desktop monitor using the VGA output and it works fine. So I know the eee video output is functioning just fine. I tried it at both 1920x1080 and 800x600...both resolutions work OK.

    I installed the drivers from the included CD, then I searched the forums and tried several other Windows 7 drivers. Each time I get the same results: I put the output to "mirror" and ran the calibration program on the touch screen...the screen recognizes my touch (I was able to calibrate the Lilliput monitor while looking at my eee screen). So I think the drivers are OK.

    But when I attach the Lilliput to my eee using the 9-pin VGA cable in PC mode, the monitor just blinks. It does not detect a signal in any other mode (Video 1, Video 2, etc and will automatically turn off). At the beginning of each blink cycle I can see a split second of my desktop so I know it is getting some kind of signal. I think this indicates that the output resolution from my eee is incorrect...but I've tried it at 1920x1080, 1020x768, and 800x600 (I cannot go to 800x480). These are all at 60 hz.

    Any more suggestions before I break out my sledge hammer?

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    you can try outputting 65 or 70 hz signals, though i doubt it will fix the issue.

    my 669 did that for a while, and eventually would not stay on all the time. mo-co-so replaced the main board on the screen, though unfortunately, i have not been able to test the monitor out to verify that this fixed the problem..
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      Can you see it in safe mode or vga support mode via f8. just a thought SNO


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        Tried safe mode with no luck. There's actually a couple other folks that have the same problem...the problem was never solved:

        I think the Intel 945 Express graphics chipset on my eee 1005ha is the problem. It does not seem like it is compatable with the lilliput 869 monitor. Has anyone else used this setup successfully?


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          Figured it out thanks to a friend. Had to set the resolution to 1020x768 at 70 hz. The key was the 70hz refresh rate...none of the other resolution settings had 70 hz. I'm going to try powerstrip and see if I can get any other resolutions to work with at 70 hz.