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  • Blue Screen Startup

    I have a 7" Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T-HB-RV. The moniter wooks great but I don't like when I start it up the first thing I get is a blue screen with "No Imput Signal" for about 3 sec. And when I shut the truck off I get the same thing for another 5 sec. befour it shuts off. I just think that makes the computer look less factory. The Power is run from my M2-ATX. I just wish it worked more like my home computer moniter where it's black untill it gets a signal. Any idea how to make this happen whould be great. Thank you.

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    blue screen on 669 lilliput

    When both the computer and monitor are on, and you turn off and turn on the monitor using the power button, or with the remote's off on, do you still get a blue screen?
    If you do not, you can use a relay on the power line to the monitor controled by the M2ATX power supply's Anti-thump feature. This is used to delay the stereo amp from coming on before the sound card outputs a signal, you would be using it to delay the monitor coming on before the video card outputs a video signal.
    I haven't used the anti-thump in my M2ATX, so I cannot tell you what happens when you power off your computer, if the accessory line automatically drops the P6 line and the monitor would go off before the delay shut down for the computer, or if it would remain on, showing a blue screen.
    I don't know if the signal from the P6 connector is positive or negative, maybe other's would know.


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      There's nothing on the monitor menu (or on the system menu you can get into by holding the power button down for 10 seconds) that will disable those blue screens or the OSD messages.
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        Two year old dead thread - of course, but I'll revive it anyway.

        I've got the same issue, using the Lilliput 869 (8" version, but the same otherwise). I -hate- that I see the blue screen. I've got my screen rigged up to a relay that switches once I'm booted up into Windows, so the screen has a signal going to it, but I still get a blue screen for a second or two.

        Is there any way around this? If all else fails, when I implement backlight dimming I can put the trigger on it instead, so the monitor is on and displaying the monitor, but there just isn't a back light until I'm in Windows.